Welcome to our mission! 

Gracefully Artistic by Design Inc. empowers, inspires, educates, & provides resources to allow people to Express, create, proliferate, & perform the arts!


Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization that collects wish lists for an art project from organizations that care for individuals suffering through crisis.  To run the nonprofit smoothly, recipients tell us which products they need to complete an art project, how it uplifts their patients, students, or refugees, and they also can share how they are able to do the project in an eco-friendly way.  Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. recognizes that each location and group of participants is vastly different and so the nonprofit ensures that venues and participants have what they need specifically in order to guarantee that donor dollars are used to their maximum potential and that the charity is able to truly help as many people as possible, whilst also meeting the precise and complete needs of our recipients and participants to fulfill and enjoy their project.  


Promoting healthy expression of and through artistic endeavors by raising funds to provide materials, motivation, and empowerment for disabled and underprivileged participants that fill out a special wishlist with their caregiver to create a dream project, in order to inspire their community & themselves through art, (which helps participants feel empowered, inspires graceful attitudes and aspirations) makes the world a better place, and that is our mission!


Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. gathers requests for gifts of materials and resources for artistic endeavors for those less fortunate than ourselves. Immediate manifestations of tangible expression are a powerful communication to the world like no other and can replace feelings of despair, hopelessness and pain, as well as feelings of being misunderstood in crises or discriminated against because of a disability or extreme poverty.  Many people may not even consider how much they do actually have to offer to the world & humanity through their artistic expressions.  Through art, we all become equal, and by helping and allowing everyone to experience the tangible and exciting rewards, you are empowering people to heal, aspire, engage and empower themselves, their communities, and the world!  Artistic expression does not proclaim its creator as having any disability or disadvantage.  It is about our moment of equality! 


Participant leaders send in a wish list after speaking with the participants and tell us what supplies they need to make the art project possible in their situation and organization.  The mission of Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. is to reach people who cannot otherwise afford the materials & resources that they need to create art, and so they have not yet had the opportunity!  We show our participants that they can create, perform and transform themselves, the community & the world by gifting materials & resources and providing motivation & encouragement!  Together, we all can change the world because art can speak where other forms of communication may fail, and it is through art that we remember details of our civilizations & humanity!


Anyone who is excited about this mission can be involved! All donations and believers in the objective of Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. are and will be greatly appreciated and we hope that you all become members. Helping is easy!  Just fill out the form and mail it with your donation!  Donations can also be sent through mail or done online! Please contact us if you would like to meet either by phone, in person or on zoom to learn more!  This is always a transparent nonprofit charitable company that loves to talk about what we do!  Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. gracious donors and philanthropists can be anonymous or named on our website as graceful donors & sponsors if they want to show that they support the cause of proliferating artistic expression, empowerment & opportunities! This charity has not taken out any loans or borrowed any money from anyone, it does run purely through the donations of organizations, sponsors, individuals and philanthropists.


Nonprofit and charity founder Grace says, “Not everyone is perfect but everyone can say that they have lived and created.  It is through this commonality that all of humanity has the ability and tools to understand one another and it is through these endeavors that civilizations leave behind remembrance!”  She also believes that world peace, as well as individual and community healing and contentment, can be achieved through the creation of and observance of art and its expressions of all the universe and humanity!  Through art, those less fortunate than ourselves can often feel beamed into another existence where they suddenly feel as though they have equal power and a valid voice. 


Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. hopes to propel recipients to do even more things in their lives than they have done before because of the confidence and inspiration that they are able to now gain through their dream project.  Now is the time to create the vision of the nonprofit charity Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. which is to fulfill as many artistic wish lists as we can in order that many more people become empowered as they design & create their own dreams and visions through artistic expressions!


Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. understands just how valuable your donation is and how it truly does change lives!  Part of our mission is to create awareness of the graceful, empowering and motivational aspects of artistic expression and you assist with the proliferation of all of these messages with every donation!  Our sincere wish is to make the world better in every single way possible through engagement, expression and empowerment through art. Your donations make a huge tangible, emotional and existential difference as they provide materials & resources for expression, learning, confidence, empowerment and fun.  


Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc, & The World, Thanks You For Making The Whole Universe A Brighter, More Vibrant, Inclusive, Engaging, Empowered & Happier Place For All Of Humanity & Civilization With Your Gift That Touches So Many People & TRULY Lasts Forever!