Gracefully Artistic by Design., Inc. nonprofit and charity founder says, “Not everyone is perfect but everyone can say that they have lived and created.  It is through this commonality that all of humanity has the ability and tools to understand one another and it is through these endeavors that civilizations leave behind remembrance!”  She also believes that world peace, as well as individual and community healing and contentment, can be achieved through the creation of and observance of art and its expressions of all the universe and humanity!  Through art, those less fortunate than ourselves can often feel beamed into another existence where they suddenly feel as though they have equal power and a valid voice. 


Through her own struggles with various physical disabilities, Grace found empowerment and an opportunity for equality through artistic endeavors!  She has also seen the arts improve the lives of so many!  She saw an autistic child that performed in a play in a scenery role, and then gather the courage with confident momentum to take on speaking roles, and the child then ended up speaking with entire world!  Another child that seemed to have learning disabilities and auditory processing disorder picked up a huge Trombone and created melodic harmony sounds for a whole audience building confidence with a voice through instrumental music.  Young students with disabilities that were also impoverished became excited by Lord Byron's poetical invents and Wordworth, happily singing Daffodils, they created poetry themselves and signed it with fun titles and their names! An older autistic student found a voice creating digital artistic video games and designs in colors and shapes he felt finally allowed for expression!  A woman recovering from a Rheumatoid and Inflammatory arthritic flare and shoulder impingement, with a need to move and exercise her body, found motivation to move her stiff arms through creating tangible painted expressions that delighted her so much that she hung them up all over the house to see their vibrant colors and messages of hope everyday!  The arts can heal us all on so many different levels in ways many people do not even yet suspect.  This charity was founded to allow everyone the chance, especially those that may not have previously considered that they have special artistic talents to share with the world, and including those that cannot afford the materials to create a dream project which they have already wanted to do as a treasured dream for so long.


Grace has a master's degree in literary arts, is a teacher, and a mother.  A daughter of a business owner of a safety company and a teacher and has been lived in the California Bay Area for most of her life.  The niece of a doctor, she has the ability and confidence to speak with medical professionals to put together dream artistic endeavors.  Having taught students with disabilities, Grace is also familiar with the various disabilities that people may live with or suffer from and how to tailor a project for an individual.  She can, and enjoys to! effectively communicate with school administration, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational health specialists, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals.  Having suffered from physical disabilities herself, the founder of Gracefully Artistic by Design Inc. has personal experience with struggles of feeling as though one does not have a valid or equal voice because of disability.  The nonprofit charitable organization was created and is designed to empower and create the ability for every artistic voice to be heard!