Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc. nonprofit charitable organization understands just how valuable your donation is and how it truly does change lives!  Part of our mission is to create awareness of the graceful, empowering and motivational aspects of artistic expression, and you assist with the proliferation of all of these messages with every donation!  Our sincere wish is to make the world better in every single way possible through engagement, expression and empowerment through the arts. Your donations make a huge tangible, emotional and existential difference as they provide materials & resources for expression, learning, confidence, empowerment and fun.


Gracefully Artistic by Design, Inc, & The World Thank You For Making The Whole Universe A Brighter, More Vibrant, Inclusive, Engaging, Empowered & Happier Place For All Of Humanity & Civilization With Your Gift That Touches So Many People & Lasts Forever


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